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Medical Ice Usage and Warnings


Soothing relief for muscle aches and stiffness, cold bites and other growing pains

  1. Wrap pack with damp cloth or paper towel
  2. Microwave for 10 seconds
  3. Add additional 5 seconds intervals until desired temperature is reached
  4. Make sure temperature is suitable before application
  5. Before reheating, check all parts of the pack to make sure part of the pack is not too hot
  6. Knead the pack to make sure heat is evenly distributed


  1. Place pack in freezer for at least 2 hours
  2. Knead pack
  3. Wrap in towel and apply to injured area
  4. Do not apply pack directly on your skin, always wrap in a towel
  5. Monitor skin during application to avoid frostbite
  6. Return to freezer and cool for 30 minutes before reapplying to injured area
  7. Store in freezer for future cold therapy use 

NOTE:  DO NOT apply cold therapy for more than 20 minutes. 


Always consult a medical professional before use. This product can be dangerous when used improperly. Continuous cold in one area can cause injury.  Continually shift the position of the product when in use and never use longer than 20 minutes.  Check the skin under the pack frequently to avoid damage.

  • Do not use on infants
  • Keep out of reach of children and pets
  • External use only
  • Do not swallow contents - if contents are swallowed, drink several glasses of water and contact Poison Control Center immediately
  • If contents are exposed to skin or eyes, rinse thoroughly and consult a physician and contact Poison Control Center
  • DO NOT sit or lean on pack
  • DO NOT apply to open wounds
  • Never apply pack directly on the skin as extreme temperatures can cause frostbite/burns
  • Before application, wrap pack in a towel or place a towel on the skin
  • Discard if damaged, punctured, torn or leaking
  • DO NOT use product with any ointments, creams, lotions or topical pain relievers
  • If condition persists, consult physician
  • Do not place any heavy objects on top of your packs
  • Do not use while taking any type of substance, prescription or over-the-counter medications that may hinder judgement or physical sensation
  • Do not use this product on persons with diabetes, nerve damage, circulatory disease, damaged or broken skin, decreased skin sensitivity, rashes, irritated skin or persons unable to remove this product such as infants, children and some older persons
  • Unattended use of compression by children, elderly or incapacitate persons is dangerous; monitor for sensitivities to product temperature 


Store cold pack in freezer between uses, to clean, lightly wash in lukewarm water with mild soap and air dry.  Not dishwasher safe. Discard if punctured or torn.


  • This is not a teething aid
  • Not recommended for infants
  • Always try the pack temperature before application
  • Frozen packs should never be placed directly on a child’s skin
  • Use by children must be under the supervision of an adult
  • Limit use to no more than 20 minutes
  • If pack punctures, discontinue use and dispose properly
  • In case the pack is accidentally swallowed, drink plenty of water and consult a medical professional